ImagineImagine 是John Lennon最有影響的歌曲 1971年發行 獲得Billboard Hit 100 排行榜第三名在滾石雜誌所選小額信貸的最佳500首歌中 也名列第三名。美國前總統卡特說 在他們夫婦共走過125個國家中聽到這首歌的次數與國歌差不多591 可見這首歌受歡迎的程度。歌詞大意是期望世界大同 人類和平相處。辦公室出租 there's no heaven,it's easy if you try,no hell 土地買賣below us,above us only sky.Imagine all the  people,living for today yu-huh.Imagine there's 售屋網no countries,it isn't hard to do,nothing to kill or die for,and no religion too.Imagine all the 辦公室出租people,living life in peace yu-huh.You may say I'm a dreamerbut I'm not the only oneI hope 關鍵字排名some day you'll join us,and the world will be as one.Imagine no possesions,I wonder if you 酒店兼職can,no need for greed or hunger,a brotherhood of man.Imagine all the people,sharing all the world 裝潢yu-huh.You may say I'm a dreamer ...

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